parkday (May 2021) We are currently holding Park Days every other Tuesday afternoon. In keeping with current public health guidelines for social gatherings, we are limiting group size and requesting that attendees wear face masks when interacting with others. As guidelines change, we will  update this page with new information. 

For many of our families, Park Day is the cornerstone of their homeschooling week. Our kids are provided an outdoor space for creative, self-organized, non-directed free play. And the parents get an opportunity to catch up with friends, share homeschooling ideas and resources, eat, enjoy the sunshine, or play with the kids. Children in the group range in age from infants to teens.

At Park Day, you will find people willing to answer any questions you have about homeschooling. Some in our group are new to homeschooling and others have been doing it for many years. Feel free to ask questions or initiate discussions.

Our Park Day meetings are held at alternating parks throughout the Greater Sacramento area. Park Day locations are listed by date on our calendar. We choose parks that have play structures, public restrooms, and plenty of open space. During the hot summer months, we tend towards locations with water features.

We meet every Tuesday afternoon, rain or shine. The Organizer’s family usually arrives at the park at 1pm (check the calendar for special exceptions). Families come and go throughout the afternoon and we are often at the park until dusk and beyond. Members may drop in at any point during that time.

logisticHow to Find Us at the Park
When you arrive at the park, look for our group to be sitting in a circle, probably in the shade, somewhere near the playground structure. If you arrive at 1pm, there may be only one or two people. Whether there is just one of us, or a lot of us, please don’t be intimidated to join us; we always expand the circle as more people arrive. When you come, ask for the Organizer, who will help with introductions and any questions that you may have.

What to Bring
It’s helpful to bring a lawn chair or blanket, and something to eat and drink for your family. For parks with water features, you might want to bring sunscreen, bathing suits, towels, and a change of clothes. You are also welcome to bring fun group toys (balls, games, etc.) or crafts (for kids or adults!)

We never cancel park day, but attendance is always optional. Some families choose to go to the park in bad weather, others stay home. If the forecast predicts extremely harsh conditions, we will usually come up with an alternative meeting place, such as an indoor library space, or a member’s home.