BIG OAK HOMESCHOOLERS is a diverse group of fun, friendly, welcoming unschoolers and other gentle homeschoolers in the Sacramento area. Our active membership includes families with children ranging in age from infants to young adults.

As a group we do not endorse any one resource, method or philosophy over another. Our members homeschool in a wide variety of styles, from unschooling, to independent study charter schools, to purchased curricula, and everything in between. We share a common goal of parenting and homeschooling with respect for our children as people and learners. We appreciate and seek out diversity in our group. We seek to be actively anti-hate, pro-LGBTQ+ and welcoming to neurodiversity.

Our goals are: developing friendships amongst members (adults and children), building community, organizing activities, sharing resources, and providing support and information to those considering or new to homeschooling.

Although Tuesday afternoon Park Days are our main activity, we also offer opportunities for online connection. Visit our events page for more information. In addition, members often organize learning opportunities, classes, “field trips,” volunteer activities, outdoor adventures, camping trips, video gaming parties, dances, movie screenings, and other social events for kids, teens, parents and families. We encourage our members to share their skills, talents, ideas, and resources. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.